I am an observational seismologist currently employed as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. My research focuses on understanding seismotectonic processes, using high-quality earthquake catalogs, and multidisciplinary approaches and datasets.

Active Research Topics
- Microseismicity detection and location
- Tectonic stress
- Mountain building processes
- Receiver functions

In my current project, we use ambient noise tomography (ANT) to map the subsurface of the Tuscan Magmatic Province, Italy.

Research projects

Microseismicity focal mechanisms, central Alpine Fault, New Zealand.

Microseismicity and tectonic stress near the central Alpine Fault

Longest duration microseismicity earthquake catalog near the central section of the Alpine Fault. Shallow seismogenic cut-off depths near Aoraki/Mount Cook (<8 km) (Michailos et al. 2019).

Crustal stress regime near the central Alpine Fault using first motion polarity focal mechanisms and stress inversions. Remarkably consistent stress orientations in both space and time (Michailos et al. 2020a).


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Peer-reviewed publications

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